"Nieuw Beusink" special

We definitely recommend a stay in one of our comfort rooms, to get some time off together.

A spacious room with private terrace and atmospheric design. In winter you can use the infrared sauna and enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the fantastic restaurants in Winterswijk. Guests of Nieuw Beusink get 10%discount at restaurant Hertog Karel van Gelre. You can go to the cinema and order a drink during the movie. Winterswijk offers plenty of possibilities!

In Winterswijk you will find a small sauna complex. At 20 km of Winterswijk, in the German city Bocholt, you will find a large sauna complex near swimming paradise Bahia.

Hotel - Bed & Breakfast Nieuw Beusink - Nieuw Beusinkweg 20 - 7103 DJ Winterswijk - 0543 840 857

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